Sunday, March 7, 2010

Of dissonance and resonance

When snow melts during warm winter weather, melting happens at a significantly higher pace in the vicinity of dark objects, such as protruding sticks, trees etc., than out in open snow covered areas.
Let’s consider this: Energy from Aten of multiple frequencies strike the snow, sticks, trees etc. The structures of these “objects” (crystaline formations of vibrating energy) are exited by the incoming energy and their vibrational energy is increased by the incoming energy from Aten. This leads to them emitting energy at their characteristic frequencies, depending upon what kind of crystals are involved.
Because “snow” crystals are rather more fragile than “wood” crystals, the dissonant secondary energy waves from the wood crystals tend to break down the snow crystals much more so than the dissonant secondary energy waves from the snow crystals hitting the wood crystals.
Therefore, the snow disappears in the vicinity of dark objects such as sticks, trees and such. The effect grows as dark areas are increasing in size, causing more snow crystals to disintegrate at a faster rate over a larger area.
A fascinating interplay of energies, from which all forms emanate.